Adoption Timeline


July 2008 - Decided we would like to start trying to conceive.  We knew this was probably not going to happen, but we gave it an honest effort! 

January 2009 - Decided to adopt and began researching adoption agencies and options.

March 2009 - Decided on an agency, Bethany Christian Services of Central Pennsylvania.

May 2009 - Went to informational meeting and submitted our application.  This is where the process and blog ticker officially begin.

June 2009 - Adoption Education Class where we learned all about adoption bonding/attachment/grief/loss, and the process in general.

August 2009 - Interview #1.  A two hour meeting at the Bethany Office.

September 2009 - Interview #2.  One hour for each of us separately at the Bethany Office.

October 2009 - Interview #3 and Home Study.  This took a few hours, a walk through of our home, and more in depth parenting questions.  We celebrated the completion of the home study process by creating a baby registry!

December 2009 - Home study approval received!  This means we are "paper pregnant."  The next step is to be selected by an expectant couple and get that oh-so-longed-for phone call.

July 2010 - I have officially lost count of all the "potential situations" that have come our way.  Maybe a dozen?  I am going to stop keeping track now.

August 2010 - Got the call that we had been selected for the "J and K Situation."  We were ELATED!! Met with birthparents, and got to hear the baby's heartbeat at doctor's appointment.

October 2010 -  Our social worker called to say that we can pick the baby up the next morning! We finally get to meet and bring Levi home.

May 2011 - Our two year journey comes to a close as we finalize Levi's adoption.

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