Monday, April 25, 2011

Closing a Chapter, Winning a Book

In the next thirty days, we will be closing the chapter called "Levi's Adoption" in our life story.  I am so excited to announce that in ONE MONTH we will have Levi's final adoption hearing.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about where this blog will go after Levi's adoption is final.  Somehow "Our Adoption Adventure" doesn't seem fitting anymore.  Yes, I still want to blog about open adoption and any future adoptions we may take part in, but I don't feel like I will have as much content to blog about (as if it's been so plentiful already).

 SO, stay tuned, because on May 27, I will unvail my future adoption blog plans!!!
To kick-off our last month of adoption limbo, today I have a giveaway!!!  And because we are talking about closing chapters, the giveaway is very fitting:

I was recently contacted by the publisher of this book and they generously sent me two copies.  One is for me to read and review, and one is for me to giveaway to a reader. 

Adoption Nation (2011), by Adam Pertman (adoptive dad and writer) "explores the history and human impact of adoption, explodes the corrosive myths surrounding it, and tells compelling stores about its participants as they grapplw with issues relating to race, identity, equality, discrimination, personal history, and connections with all their families."
Even if you're not an adoptive parent or adoption hopeful, this is a great book for learning more about the beauty that is adoption, or maybe you have a friend to pass it along to.

Here's how to enter (FOUR chances to win):
1. Post a comment with a suggestion for a new title for this blog.  It can be something that addresses adoption and/or motherhood, domestic engineering, thriftiness, or craftiness. 

2. Become a follower, and leave a comment telling me you did so.  If you are already a follwer, just leave a comment telling me you are.

3. Post about this giveaway on your blog, and leave a comment here.

4. Post about this giveaway on your facebook, then leave a comment here.

This giveaway closes on Sunday, May 1 at 11:50 pm.  One winner will be chose at random from the comments section of this blog post.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Eight is Great

You guessed it, today is Levi's 8 month birthday! 

I didn't mean to be one of those monthly update people, but I found that it serves my own purposes well, if nothing else.  I'm not doing a traditional baby book for Levi, but a detailed picture/scrapbook and I tap into these blog posts for milestones and memories. So, today, on his eighth month birthday, while Levi takes his first nap of the day, I will record his current life!

Speaking of naps, he is taking two naps a day.  They are usually around 9-11am and 2-3pm.  He goes to bed between 7 and 8pm, and wakes up at 7 am.  Depending on the day, and our outings, sometimes there is a third short nap.

Levi takes a bottle at 7:30am, 11:30am, 3:30pm, and 7pm.  He eats cereal at the first feeding, and a Gerber baby fruit or veggie at the second and third feeding.  We've also added Gerber puffs to his diet, which serve purely as a distraction during our dinner time (6pm), when he's hungry and I'm prepping a bottle/food, or during church.  He has also eaten noodles, rice, banana, and some other softish things.  We still have yet to find a food that he won't devour immediately.

He is still very sober at times, but easily breaks into giggles and smiles.  He still prefers to be wherever the action is and is content to watch people and just look around at things.  He is also VERY content to play alone sometimes on the floor.  He is facisinated by the handles on the desk and entertainment center.  His hair is sandy blond/light brown. It is starting to grow past his ears on the the sides. The top pieces of hair are about an inch long.

Last week we moved to a 12 month size clothing. I guess technically it's 9-12 month.  When I put it that way, it doesn't make him seem all that huge.  He weighs a whooping 23 lbs (92nd percentile) and is approximately 30 inches long (59th percentile). He is in size 4 diapers and size 2 shoes.

As far as milestones go, I keep saying he's going to start crawling "this week."  But I think I've said that for three weeks now.  I am in no hurry for him to get mobile, but he is great at moving from sitting to a crawling position and back to sitting.  His two top front teeth broke through the surface this weekend.  I thought it was a little funny that they came at the exact same time, whereas the bottom teeth were a few weeks apart.

The teething process was rough in the last week and he was pretty grumpy during nap and bed times. It seems to have subsided now that the teeth have broken through the surface. We were worried and stressed over the lack of sleep that Levi got last week, but mostly concerned for his well-being.

I had a “mommy-getaway” weekend in April, and Herb had a really good time having Levi to himself for two days.

On a personal note, I was really sure I would be "sad" as Levi grew, wishing him to stay little forever.  However, I am NOT!  Praise God!  Each new thing he does makes me excited to see what is next.  I love the relationship I have with the little guy, and we are really having fun together during the day.  BEST JOB EVER! :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Glorious Mess

Levi is all about cups right now.  Technically, he's all about anything that he's not supposed to have - cups, cell phones, remotes, food on our plate.  In the bath, we wash his hair with a cup and let him play with it.  He loves to drink out of it, so I fill it up with new bath water and let him gulp away.  At dinner, I give him sips of water from my cup because he loves it so much. We we go out, I order him a kid's cup of ice water. Truly, I think the cup thing has motivated him to learn how to hold his own bottle better.  Eight months old and feeding himself!

Tonight Levi and I were at Friendly's with his Uncle Josh, Aunt Jocelyn, and cousin Joelle.  Our food came, and I took his cup away so we could eat.  The waitress forgot some dipping sauces for our table.  When she returned with the tarter sauce and honey mustard, we talked to her about the extra loaded waffle fries we received, and she was off with them, delivering them to the correct table.

In the meantime, Levi had spotted a "Levi-Sized" cup and started gulping it down.  Except that cup was a ramekin, instead of water he was chugging honey mustard, and instead of swallowing it all, 75% of it ended up down the front of his shirt, jeans, and on the floor.  By the time we finished having the five second conversation about waffle fries with the waitress the damage was already done.

It was the most hilarious thing this kid has achieved yet.  I was laughed till I cried.  And to make the already hectic evening even better, drinks were spilled, new clothes were spit up on, and there was a major diaper explosion.  If you're keeping track, Levi went through three outfits during dinner. 

I love this kid for the glorious mess that he is!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Yesterday an attorney called me (that's luckily a first).  Our attorney!  (I keep forgetting we have one.)

Technically, I guess it was actually our attorney's assistant.

They are getting ready to send in the paperwork to petition the courts on our behalf to officially adopt Levi.  She thought this could take place as early as the end of this month, but I'm guessing the hearing will actually be in May.

When we began the adoption process, I always viewed the legal side of things as simply a formality.  After all, Levi has felt like our son since Day 1.  Actually, since the day we learned of his existence

So it really caught me off guard when I got super emotional after hanging up the phone.  I cried as much as I did the day our social worker told me we had been matched with a birth family.

It's the closing of a chapter that seemed insurmountable.  It's the proof of a faithful God.

Hopefully I'll have more news soon.