Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's My Role?

Hi Blog Reader, this post is for you. I just finished reading the third of our required books called, "The Post Adoption Blues." It was a pretty depressing book, but had some good strategies and coping skills. Anyway, here is a list of things that you, as our friends and family, can do to make our future adoptive family even stronger and better prepared to face the future.

Here is direct quote from the book...

"Friends and Family
  • Your daughter, son, or friend needs your support now. They need to you accept their role and their (future) children.
  • Empathize with what the adoptive parents and children have experienced. you may not understand it completely, but they will understand your support.
  • Examine your own feelings about having a child by adoption in the family. By being honest, you can separate you apprehensions from the really child who is now a family member.
  • Stop and realize how very much your acceptance means to you family member. Withholding love and acceptance ripples into the extended family and can polarize family loyalties."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 weeks in...

All of our references are finally in so we can schedule our home study! 2/4 of the books are finished (at least by one of us, lol). Getting close to that paper pregnancy!

Herb is really enjoying being around his precious nieces this week at the beach. I think he's getting the fever...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's True...

While we're still early in the process, I wanted to start writing down our experience. I bought a journal at a yard sale yesterday thinking I wanted to record our adoption story. I still might use that, but I thought a blog might be a good idea too.

Here's where we're at, according to the checklist on my fridge...
1. We have chosen to pursue adoption. Herb and I knew this was on the table before we even considered a serious relationship. No, we have not tried any infertility treatments or testing. Yes, we'd still love to have a child naturally, but we don't consider adoption to be a lesser choice or that we're "settling" for this. We feel like all children ultimately belong to God, and however he decides to bless us with them is fine with us.
2. We have chosen an agency, Bethany Christian Services, and have filed an official application.
3. We have attended an educational class.
4. We have filled out very personal questionnaires that made my hand cramp.
5. I finally cleaned up our bedrooms upstairs and have one empty and ready for painting and baby furniture. (This was my favorite part so far, lol.)

Where are we at now? Next up is reading 4 books and completing our home study.

Thank you for all your prayers. I can't wait.