Here We Go Again

Yeah, so, for all that talk I've done in the past few weeks about "settling," we are now moving!

In less than a month!

Our pastor called last week an said he had driven by a 3 bed (1 tiny bath) semi-detached townhouse with a delightful fenced in back yard. He had already negotiated the price down for us and said if we were interested we should call the landlord immediately.

Fast forward a week and I am starting to pack and plan room layouts.

I am beyond excited..... An extra room, basement and attic storage, the yard, being 1.0 mile from Herb's work instead of 1.1 miles, and a dishwasher!!!!

Yesterday I said, "Levi, we are going to move to a new house again."

He replied, "Baby. I see a baby."

Just putting that out there in case it turns out to be true and I have some kind of two year old prophet. Just kidding.

Kind of.

So, here we do again!!!! Bring on the boxes! You know I thrive on this stuff though, right?


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