Whose Belly?

The beauty of open adoption is that Levi's birth story will never be a surprise to him.  We are hoping adoption is all knows, and for a while, what he perceives to be the norm.  So, we've been trying to mention things about adoption and his birth family whenever possible.  It helps that we are able to see Jen and her family as often as we do (about every other month), and Levi is very aware (and loves) of his big sister, Savannah.

The other night at dinner we were talking about my pregnant friend, Sammy.  Levi knows there is a baby in her belly, and that it is a little girl.

Me: "Levi, did you know that you were a baby?  And you lived in a belly too!  You grew in Jen's belly!"
Levi: "Mmmmhmmm" (His response to everything, he didn't really already know that.)
Me: "And guess who else was a baby in Jen's belly.  Savannah!"
Levi: "Ooooh!"
Herb: "And I was a baby in Grandma Ni-Ni's belly!'
Me: "And I was a baby in Memaw's belly!"
Levi considers this, and then says: "Who is in Daddy's belly?"


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