The Birth Day of Roman

Three years ago, Herb and I were on vacation in Oak Island, NC, with his family.  I went into the vacation being completely down-trodden and sad, frustrated at the length of the wait for a baby.   Lauren, my bestie who lived in Hawaii at the time, was just days from her due date, so it was no surprise when she began labor, 6,000 miles away, while we were on vacation.

It was a long long ordeal and she kept me updated with a myriad of text messages. Every few hours I would give Herb's family an update on "my-best-friend-who-is-currently-in-labor!"  Celebratory tears of joy were shed when I heard of Roman Kaleo's arrival, and I couldn't stop looking at the picture she texted me!

My best friend was a MOM.

A few days later, over the phone she shared with me that during the most intense part delivery at one point she was completely overwhelmed with emotion thinking of how sad she was for me.  Thinking about what a privilege it was to be giving birth and yet mourning for her friend's sadness.  If that's not true empathy, I don't know what is.

On the day that Roman was born, yet hours before he actually made his appearance, I received yet another "situation letter" from our adoption agency.

It was the kind of situation letter to which Herb and I gave no second thoughts.  The kind of situation letter that we knew EVERY single waiting family would have responded to with a resounding, "Yes, PLEASE show this potential birth mother our profile."

We chuckled, thinking that because of all the other waiting families, there was no way this baby would be ours.  I sent a quick email to our social worker,

"We would love to be considered!"

and then quickly returned to waiting for baby Becker and celebrating with Lauren.

Looking back, I can't believe I never told this story.  I learned of Levi's existence the day that Roman was born.  When I think back, the tune, "This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it..." pops into my head. Oh His stories are so good.  #hopefulfilled

Happy birthday, Roman!  I love you and love watching you and Levi grow and am so grateful to be able to do that in person now!


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