When The Forecast is Bleak

"Drenching showers expected," they said.
"You know it's going to rain tomorrow," they said.

Yet, we decided to go (I'll admit, we knew we could get a rain check in a torrential downpour).  We risked a day of being wet and wasting one of Herb's precious vacation days and tried our luck at a trip to Hershey Park a few days ago.

The rain was sprinkling when we loaded up in the car, but we chanced it anyway.  Every hour in the park we checked the weather report, "Rain coming in 62 minutes," Herb read more than once.

But still, no more than a light spritz. Light enough that your shirt would be more wet from sweat than rain.  The day marched on, we ate our picnic lunch, and changed in to bathing suits for an afternoon at the water park.  As we watched Levi gleefully go down the kiddie water slide for the fortieth time, I laughed to Herb and said, "How about those drenching showers?"

The beauty of it all was that a lot of people DID take the advice of the weather man.  The lines were nonexistent and we rode 90% of the non-water rides before lunch time.

I couldn't help but think, "What if we missed this perfect day?"  What if we decided to wait for another day, a sunnier day, a busier day, a much less leisurely amusement park day.

Fittingly enough, being in the town of Hershey always makes Herb talk about his second childhood home - Hershey Medical Center.  Soon, I started thinking about all the other bleak forecasts we've thumbed our noses at....

"Are you sure you want to major in music?"

"Aren't you guys a little young to be getting married?"

"Are you sure you want to marry someone so sick who may never father children?"

"Are you sure you want to adopt?  Those kids always have issues."

"You want to be a music pastor?!"

"Are you sure you want to quit teaching?  You may never be able to get a job again."

Again I say, what if I missed these perfect days?  Not to say I've never had a regret in my life, but it's God's sovereignty guiding my path, not the voices of well-meaning nay-sayers and realists.

Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.  
Psalm 20:7


  1. What a great post, sometimes I forget that a bleak forecast can have a great outcome! Thanks for the reminder Michelle!


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