What's My Role?

Hi Blog Reader, this post is for you. I just finished reading the third of our required books called, "The Post Adoption Blues." It was a pretty depressing book, but had some good strategies and coping skills. Anyway, here is a list of things that you, as our friends and family, can do to make our future adoptive family even stronger and better prepared to face the future.

Here is direct quote from the book...

"Friends and Family
  • Your daughter, son, or friend needs your support now. They need to you accept their role and their (future) children.
  • Empathize with what the adoptive parents and children have experienced. you may not understand it completely, but they will understand your support.
  • Examine your own feelings about having a child by adoption in the family. By being honest, you can separate you apprehensions from the really child who is now a family member.
  • Stop and realize how very much your acceptance means to you family member. Withholding love and acceptance ripples into the extended family and can polarize family loyalties."


  1. I didn't know you guys are adopting. How exciting!! We often talk about adopting in the future. I am sooo excited for you guys!!!


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