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While we're still early in the process, I wanted to start writing down our experience. I bought a journal at a yard sale yesterday thinking I wanted to record our adoption story. I still might use that, but I thought a blog might be a good idea too.

Here's where we're at, according to the checklist on my fridge...
1. We have chosen to pursue adoption. Herb and I knew this was on the table before we even considered a serious relationship. No, we have not tried any infertility treatments or testing. Yes, we'd still love to have a child naturally, but we don't consider adoption to be a lesser choice or that we're "settling" for this. We feel like all children ultimately belong to God, and however he decides to bless us with them is fine with us.
2. We have chosen an agency, Bethany Christian Services, and have filed an official application.
3. We have attended an educational class.
4. We have filled out very personal questionnaires that made my hand cramp.
5. I finally cleaned up our bedrooms upstairs and have one empty and ready for painting and baby furniture. (This was my favorite part so far, lol.)

Where are we at now? Next up is reading 4 books and completing our home study.

Thank you for all your prayers. I can't wait.


  1. I love this idea! Thank you for letting us be a part of your miracle from the very beginning.

  2. that adoption changes us, clouds the mind and steals years of our lives, but there is something non-Indians can never steal and that is our dreams and the truth we are resilient!”learn more


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