Babymoon Trip 1

Herb and I just got back from a weekend in DC. It was spontaneous and fun, and the whole time I kept thinking, "We probably won't be able to do this kind of thing for much longer." We really enjoyed couple time, but I couldn't stop myself from looking at every stroller we passed to evaluate the age and cuteness of the baby, the ease of travel for the couple with the baby, and of course the pattern/color scheme on the stroller (sorry, I can't help it). I concluded that a weekend trip like this could be done with a child, but minus the hotel bar, the fabulous night of sleep, the 3 hour, stinking hot walk, and the fact that we didn't eat or bathroom from 10:30-4:30. That being said, I think over the next few months we might be trying to appreciate our time as just us a little more, and "doing more" things.

I feel so refreshed and actually ready to start school this week. Also, we have our first (of three) homestudy on Tuesday!


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