Making Room

Here are the ways we have been making room for baby...

1. In April, when it was time for a new car, we got an SUV to make room for a car seat and strollers to be hauled simultaneously with various musical instruments.

2. In June we moved out of the back room and the room that went from music room to master bedroom has been made into a room for baby. Still have a lot of work to do on that one, but it is looking so good! By the way, Joan totally rocked out on the recovering of the rocker from Sarah.

3. In October, I cleaned out the cabinet by the sink and made room for bottles.

4. In December, I stole Wendi's dresser out of her room to make room for diapers and a changing table in the nursery.

5. Tonight, Herb mounted our new flat screen (a black Friday purchase) in our bedroom and now there is a beautiful nook by the bay windows, and we have made perfect room for a little bassinet or perfect view of the TV of course too (going to start the kid young).

6. In the last 2 weeks, I've turned down at least 3 new students for piano and clarinet lessons to make room in my schedule for a baby. Hope that doesn't come back to shoot me in the foot. I have been trying to not take new students because I don't want to stop them right away (is this wishful thinking?).

We have physically, mentally, and emotionally made room...does that mean we are ready?


  1. Can't wait to see the rocker!! And, I have room in my schedule for plenty of babysitting! :)

  2. The rocker LOOKS AWESOME!!!! I am so impressed! :)


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