Towels and Toilet Paper

About a year ago I adopted a "chore of the day" system to keep my house in order.  I rarely ever get to everything each week, but when I do, wow, does our house look good.  I operate my week like this, but you can adapt it to what works for you, too.

Monday - Money and Market (I balance the checkbook, pay bills, and go to the grocery store)
Tuesday - Tubs, Toilets, and Towels (I clean the bathrooms)
Wednesday - Wash (Laundry, obviously)
Thursday - Dusting (This pretty much never gets done)
Friday - Floors (Sweep, Vacuum, Mop)

Today, being Tuesday, I was on my A game.  It was 8am and the bath towels and mat had already been thrown in the wash.  I had big plans of packing up the bathrooms today (you know, for our pending move) instead of cleaning them.

An hour later, I hopped in the shower, deciding that being clean today was a good choice.  Levi was especially graceful in letting me have a shower without crying outside the bathroom the whole time because I wouldn't let him in.  In fact, when I opened the curtain, he was off in his room, probably playing trains.

Oh no.  I forgot to grab a new towel.

"Levi!" I shouted.

He came running in, train in hand.

"Can you get Mommy a towel?"

He pulled one clean towel out of the cabinet, and two more followed onto the floor.  He handed me my towel and then put away the two towels on the floor.

It. was. awesome.

I suddenly had all these memories from my own childhood of someone shouting, "Can someone bring me some toilet paper?"  Why we kept the extra toilet paper in the hall closet and not the bathroom, I will never know.  But this situation has been remedied in my house - the extra toilet paper lives on the tank.

All that to say, this morning was a cool "full circle" mom moment for me.

Ask not what you can do for your kid, but what your kid can do for you, right?


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