October Recap (also ...the most pictures ever in one post)

October has been a busy month!!

First was Jen and Ricky's wedding.  Levi was the ring bearer, Savannah was the flower girl, and Herb and I helped out with decorations, music, invitations, and wedding craziness.  I WILL be doing an entire post on this because it was a HUGE dream come true in my "open adoption" scenario...just waiting for some more pictures.

The very same weekend of Jen's wedding, we high-tailed it to Baltimore for the Girlfriend Getaway conference.  Herb is on the team for this season helping with sound/lighting/technical things, so it's a fun excuse for us to get away together and get to serve in a ministry together.  Although, I really do love me some girlfriend time (me and Jess below).

The following week farm show (read more about that here).

The second weekend of October, we traveled to Pittsburgh to spend some time with Herb's brother's family and his mom and step-dad.  Levi enjoyed doing some trick-or-treating with his cousins, Ellie and Cora.  Yay for a last minute costume.  Overalls for the win.

Josh and Sarah also treated us to the Natural History Museum (they have a season pass) and Levi LOVED playing with these dinosaurs.  Mental note - find some of these for Christmas.

On the last day of our Pittsburgh trip, we spend the day with Herb's mom and step-dad.

They took us to a cute little town with lots of shops, Valant, which I have now coined "The Pittsburgh Lititz."

In the middle of the month things got pretty quiet while Levi and I fought of disease (ok, exaggeration, it was just an ear infection and bronchitis), I had to not watch Charlotte for the first time (due to said sickness), and meanwhile the roof on our rental house in York gave way to the rain (and now we need a new roof...booo).  We did squeeze in a few playdates and have dinner with some old friends, but it was comparatively quiet to the rest of the month.

At the end of the month, we met up with some old friends from college and visited Millersville during homecoming weekend.  We had a great time checking out the new music building (our jealousy turned in to "this is the house we built").
Some of the old gang...with kids now!

The Suereths in front of the new music building. 

We've been there multiple times since graduation, but each time I get a little more sappy thinking about the place where Herb and I met, built a friendship, started dating/courting, and planned a wedding.  Happy memories.  Not to mention a solid music education and a few more amazing friendships that have lasted the last decade.

Sammy found all of our old recital CDs.

Levi and I in a practice room...playing "Tractor Tractor."

The iconic stairs of Lyte Auditorium...which now lead to nowhere.

The "next generation" of Marauders?

Finally, last night rounded out the month with a second go at trick or treating, this time in our own neighborhood.  My brother, mom, and neice joined us.

The kids were dressed as Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day.  Joelle already had the crown and white dress (actually a hand-me-down from Levi's other cousin, Cora!).  I found the red shirt for Levi (actually a bathrobe) for $1.50 on Wednesday, and my mom had lots of gold buttons in her stash.  His sash is a neck tie, his belt is actually mine, and the hat was ten cents at the thrift store.

They look pretty acurate, right?

Ok, not really, but it was still fun!  And Grandma Meemaw had fun handing out candy at our house.  And then she cleaned up my kitchen.  She's pretty much a rock star.

As if that wasn't enough, after trick-or-treating Mom watched Levi for a few hours while Herb and I went to lead worship at a really special ministry that was taking place at our church.  I won't go into details about it here, but our job was to just worship for a few hours while people came and went, some staying to pray or read or journal.  Picking music to last for two hours was an ordeal - and after those two hours were over, my poor little left hand pinky was toast.  (Octaves, much?)  Our voices were tired, we were sweaty, our backs were sore, but what an awesome experience.  Herb and I love doing worship together, and it's pretty special to think that we've been making music together for 12 years - even longer than we've been a couple.  Glad we could use our gifts to honor God and serve some people last night.

October was fun - but I was grateful when I flipped the calendar today to see that it is pretty much empty at this point (for now).


  1. I love the Prince William and Kate costumes, too cute!! I don't even follow the royal family that much but could easily tell who they were in the first pic before you told us :) And yay for cheap costumes!


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