6 Week Blog Fast

Grrrrrr.........I so did not mean to quit blogging.  The good thing is that I realized how much I miss it and that I do indeed love blogging.  I'm hoping to jump back on the wagon.  Those were a GOOD six weeks though.

In the midst of the blogging break I have been pretty regular posting on instagram.  Feel free to follow me @ myhopefulfilled

Adoption wise, we finished up our home study (and are just waiting for the official approval).  I am working on our profile book.  I'm finding it much more annoying to accomplish this time around, but grateful for a few friends who are super with grammar and proof reading.  For the most part, I reused our profile book from Levi's adoption, but added an extra chapter at the end about Levi (of course).  I'll be sharing those details soon.

We've traveled a little bit this spring.  We've been to the Poconos, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia.  The three Ps of PA.  Haha!  Much of the traveling was for Girlfriend Getaway, and Philly was to celebrate an old college friend's recent graduation.  We also celebrated Charlotte's first birthday (geez!!!), a wedding, WJTL's 30th Anniversary, and I'm gearing up to begin winding down as I'm beginning the journey over the hill next week.  Let's just say WJTL wasn't the only thing established in 1984.

Last weekend I ran another 5k (details next post) and it was way better than the one last year.

Right now I'm listening to the sound of silence when I expected chaos as two cute three year old cousins are having a sleepover upstairs.  They rallied right until their heads hit the pillow and then crashed in a matter of minutes.  It was beautiful.

So here's to random updates, the most beautiful time of year, and my last few days in my 20s.  Eeek.


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