Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love

The last couple weeks have been pretty amazing and equally intense.  We've been busy doing fun stuff and mentally I'm always thinking about the adoption, house projects, yard sales, and planning our summer. I've been marveling at how much difference the entire adoption process has been this time.  So much faster, so much more contentment on my part.

We are waiting on our official home study approval, which is exciting in itself, knowing that the future of our family is evolving and being molded and trusting that God has the perfect lite one picked out to be a little Suereth.  I have nervous anticipation, but still overall feeling so content with where we are.  God has clearly directed our path up until this point and I'm happy to keep following.  I will say, though, making a "profile book," is much more annoying this time.  Not sure why - the first time it was my favorite thing to do!

My in-laws were in town at the beginning of June to celebrate a myriad if extended family events.  They bunked up at our house - and can I just say, nothing swells my housewife heart like having my mother in law compliment my organization and cleanliness. She's pretty awesome.

So, in addition to a gradation party, adoption agency picnic, and baby shower, everyone came to cheer me on at the Manheim Rock N Glow 5k.  Running at night?  Awesome.  A personal record? Sweet.  A race and memory shared with my brother and sister? Priceless.

Our parents and my friend Sammy came to cheer us on and help watch kids.  I'm feeling a little bad because the race didn't start till 9, so by the time we walked home (oh small town of a Manheim, I love you),  Levi actually asked to go to bed.... And did.

Who would have ever imagined the three Stoltzfus kids running? Not me!!! My mom denied it, but she was getting emotional about all of it.  She reminded is how we all used to hate each other and back then she said ,"someday you'll travel hundreds if miles to see each other."  How neat it is to be at that spot.  But the most credit for traveling goes to my little sister, Wendi, who came from Astoria, NY to run with us.  She also came home for 12 hours to be with me on my birthday just 12 days later.

Doing the 5K with my brother and sister reaffirmed what I already know to be true....  Giving Levi a sibiling is the best thing I can gift him.  That's certainly not the only reason for adopting again, but I'm sure excited about it.


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