Don't Look

My son, Levi, is a novice bike rider. In fact, the reason I haven't blogged all summer is because we were on a really long bike ride...just kidding.  But really this was the after lunch and dinner summer tradition. It's great exercise for him and gives me the chance to stroll hand in hand with his daddy.  It's a great season of life and I love this view.

Along the way of learning this new skill, we have had to remind him, almost daily, to keep his eyes facing forward.  As you know, if you are looking to the house with a cute kitty on your right, very soon your bike will impact with said house's lawn.  The little guy is getting great at steering and not crashing, and being the overly cautious kid he is, obeying stop signs is going fantastically, too.

So it was no surprise when he started commenting on my driving from the back seat, as if I was riding bike and our roles were, for once, reversed.  Stopped at the end of our road, I looked left, right, and left again, and began to turn right while I was still looking left (ever so slightly).

"Mom! Don't do that!" He exclaimed.

"Do what, honey?"

"Don't look where you're not going!"

Sage advice from a four year old. It has been lingering in my mind for days now.

Don't look where you're not going.... Focus on what's at hand, what's in front of you.  Do the next thing, take the next step. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, thinking, saying , planning.  Live a life worthy if the calling which you have received.  Finish the race you have started.

Don't look where you're not going. 


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