This Girl

Once upon a time I met another pre-adoptive momma.  She told me a familiar story of pain and infertility.  Of waiting on God's time whilst shielding her heart in a time of pregnancy announcements a-plenty.  She shared with me her faith in what lies ahead and told me about her nursery in the making.  We connected over loss and hope soon-to-be-fulfilled.

She told me she's seen God all over everything though - from her contented heart to her beautiful niece, who, by the way, was a spitting image of her aunt.  "This was God's special little treat for me," she shared, "since I'll never have a biological child, at least I can still have a little person who looks like me!"

"How special!"  I said.  I had never really been sad about not having a spitting image of Herb or myself, ESPECIALLY since more often than not people just can't believe Levi's adopted because he "just looks so much like us."

And then I thought of my own little blessing of a niece, sweet Joelle.  Cue the warm fuzzies.

Yes, she looks like an exact combination of her mom and dad, but boy, do we share some similar characteristics, too.  Well, the three year old version of her and the three year old version of me, anyway.

This girl has my heart.  She is outgoing, she is funny, she is friendly, she is fierce.  I'm so happy that she made my little brother Dad, and love the ways she has changed him.  I love what her friendship means to Levi and I love the energy and excitement she has when our car pulls in the driveway.

Yeah, Levi, we all kind of feel that way.


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