I should be praying.  I should be sleeping.  I should be cleaning.  I should be exercising.  I should be doing anything except what I've been doing - hulu, Facebook, and blog reading.  When life gets overwhelming, in a positive or negative way, I flock to a screen.  I drown out the voices and the deadlines and take a minute (or an hour) (or two) to just turn all the sounds off.

I should be blogging.

This is my coping mechanism.  This is my place to sort out, to unwind, to gain clarity.

But this is so public.

So, I will be vague (and subsequently share a post from Instagram).

Herb and I are standing on the edge of the next season of our lives in so many ways, from career moves to school changes.  Our family dynamics are ever changing, and we are facing a long summer vacation with an active four year old who is capable, willing, and excited to go on many adventures.

I want to cherish this season of life.  I want to jump into the coming weeks and months with abandon and full of trust in the One who encouraged the leap and will catch us if we fall.

Oh, so much hope fulfilled.


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