Love Grows

Two years ago, when we were beginning to discuss a second adoption,  one of my biggest concerns was about our desire for open adoption, if possible.  I care so deeply for Levi's birth family, and not just his birth mother and sister, but grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and family friends.  I was having trouble imagining how we could possibly balance another special relationship like that.  Would our second child's first family get the shaft?  Would we somehow not have enough time/energy/love to maintain contact with Levi's first family?

As we began to pursue domestic infant adoption, I pushed these fears down and tried to just focus on one thing at a time.  But then last week it hit me - love grows.

You don't NOT have more kids because you can't love any more.  You don't NOT make new friends because you can't love any more.  There is always more love to give.  Why wouldn't another birth family be the same?

Bringing another child in to our family will mean so much more than simply adding another person to our little family of four.  We will be adding a whole new extension.  Another group of people who we care deeply about and with whom we want to invest time and love.  Another group of people who love my kid(s).

Open adoption is strange.  Boy do I know that.  It's so hard for people on the outside to understand these relationships.  But when you let go of social norms and follow God's leading, love grows.


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