I am annoyed...

For the adoption approval, we have to make a will which state to whom we entrust the care of our future children.

To entrust the care of your child to someone else, you must actually have a child that you can name in the will, or the will is not legally binding, according to legalzoom.com.

So, I called the adoption agency to ask what other couples do in the situation. The receptionist told me, "Well, most people just say "children that will be born to us.""

I had to laugh. But now I am annoyed.

Any suggestions?


  1. in our will it says "children that will be born to or adopted by us"

  2. Sing with me.... "unto us a child is born.... unto us a (child) is given...."

    Don't get annoyed on this one, my friend. Think "this is what Joseph had to go through, too!"

    ; )

  3. Well perhaps you could claim Herb as the child. At times the behavior is similar. :)
    Love you both. It WILL work out.

  4. Yes, your lawyer can word it just right. That was done for our first adoption, and when we redid our will to add our daughter, we also had added any future children added.

  5. I don't have any suggestions, though there are some good ones above. But I would think an adoption agency employee would be a little more sensitive to how she words that statement! Seriously, does she not deal with these concerns all the time?? An informed and experienced employee should have been able to tell you the "proper" wording to get through the loophole.


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