The Little Things...

There are little things I do to remind myself we're "expecting," such as window shopping, baby name choosing, nursery cleaning, and more recently onsie buying. Herb has his little things too. For example, he eats like he's pregnant. Not so much in quantity, but the quality of the foods...

Right now, he's making an english muffin, toasted with pepperjack cheese and deli ham, and then topped with pancacke syrup.



  1. Hi! My name is Lauren and I am friends with Sarah VanderPlate. Found your blog through hers. My oldest daughter, Izzy, is an adoption miracle. If you ever have questions, want to talk, would like encouragement, prayer... whatever... feel free to get in touch. Our blog is and our email is

  2. Hahahahaha - Isaac just made the funniest face when I told him about Herb's food choice. He said Herb eats the weirdest things.


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