Baby Dreams

After having this dream, I took a 6 week dreaming hiatus...but they have come back with a vengeance. I will TRY to keep these brief, but some of them are so humorous. So, enjoy!

Dream 1 - Saturday Night

I dreamed I was very pregnant. We knew that the baby would not live, and we were bummed about that until we found out that even if you have a still birth, you can bring a baby home from the hospital. This is how adoption worked.

Dream 2 - Sunday Night

The dream begins with me lying in a hospital bed, holding a black haired little baby boy. Herb is sitting beside my bed and I say, "What happened?" Herb tells me how we have a son, and we didn't know I was pregnant until two weeks ago. "Just like that show on TLC?" I asked. I tell Herb that I don't remember being pregnant, or giving birth. To prove to me that it actually happened, he shows me a digital camera and I look through all the pictures of me in delivery. As I am holding this most precious baby, I tell Herb, "This is not what we planned for, we are supposed to be adopting." Herb assures me that everything will be just fine, we have a baby now!

And here's the kicker, the next thing I say in the dream is: "Well, I guess I can love this birth child as much as I was planning to love our adopted baby." Like I was settling to have a biological child!!! Man, if that dream doesn't tell me how "okay" I am with this whole adoption process, I don't know what does!

Dream 3 - Monday Night

My principal, who has no children, came into school holding a baby. I said, "When did this happen?" He told me that Taco Bell was giving out free babies with their value meals. The problem was that I had just eaten at Taco Bell, and didn't realize there was a baby in the bag, and I had thrown it away. So then I was wrestling with whether or not to go back to Taco Bell and get another baby, or just wait till we got picked by a birthmother. I kept saying, "If we get a Taco Bell baby, it will never know it's birth mom!"
Disclaimer: I have not eaten at or thought about Taco Bell in several weeks, so this is totally random!


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