What We've Been Up To (In Pictures)

Here's what we've been up to in the last 4 weeks (has it been 4 weeks since our homestudy already?)

Going to Will Ferrell Halloween parties!

New flooring! We also moved the large dining room table to the kitchen. As you can see, the dining room is now a "music parlor..." aka, living room over flow. Making room for rocking chairs, swings, and pack n plays.

Putting together the nursery! The crib is together (not picture), the paint is chosen (although not on walls yet), and the top of a quilt has been made.

LOTS and LOTS of marching band.
And...the last thing we needed to do to get paper pregnant - finish the profile book!!! Here is the picture our wonderful neighbor, Allison, took for us this afternoon. This will be THE picture on the front of the book and on the website.


  1. Love the floors! Looking forward to seeing the nursery when it is completed.

  2. Awesome! What colors/themes have you picked so far for the nursery? Or do we have to wait until you can show us? ;-)

  3. hmmm such a good looking glider chair in that nursery! :)


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