Old Friends, New Friends, Cyber Friends

This is not adoption or baby related, but blog related!

Tonight I had dinner with a friend. We chatted about babies, married life, faith, politics, beer, teaching, cake decorating, sewing, and blogs. There were not long pauses in conversation, and we didn't run out of things to talk about. We shared secret baby name ideas and an apple crisp dessert. It was awesome lady time!

The funny thing is, this was the first time Joan and I have ever hung out. Joan feels like an old friend, but she's more like a new friend, but in reality, probably more of a cyber friend. She's married to a great guy who was one of my best friends from high school in another life. As our college and careers took us on different life paths, I didn't get to know Joan until they were already married (or at least pretty close to it). So between that and the beauty of blogs and facebook, I think it feels like we've known each other forever!

I know people get frustrated with the Internet/facebook stalking, but in this situation, I truly believe this has created a stronger bond. She knows what is going on in my life and where my heart is now - does it matter where that knowledge came from? This is the digital age, my friends. Yes, it is easy to get trapped behind a computer and not got out and actually foster relationships. BUT when you go out to build those relationships in person that have already be fostered online, how much richer can they be!

Thanks for an enjoyable dinner and face time, Joan. Can't wait to hang out again! And to the rest of you out there in blog world - thanks for taking enough interest in me to read! :)

What are your thoughts on friendship and the internet? Help or hinder?


  1. First friend I "made" or "remade" on the internet was 1987... yes! 1987, when the PSU schools offered real-time discussions between students.

    Since then I've made thousands of acquaintances and a few stalkers.

    Overall, I heart internet friends!

  2. I have two blog buddies whom I've never met: one is a friend-of-a-friend and the other is Jack's former co-worker's wife. In both cases, I feel like we know each other inside and out. And I've had more serious discussions (via Facebook and blogs) with one of them than with some of my "real" friends!

    Is that sad??

  3. I loved spending time with you IRL too!! If this were facebook I would "like" this post ;)


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