The Fifth is Five

Herbert the fifth, more commonly known as Levi around these parts, is celebrating is five month birthday today!!

Lots and lots of changes and exciting milestones this month:

- Smiles aplenty
- Rolling (back to belly and belly to back)
- Eating rice cereal and peas

- A strict 3 hour schedule (Eat, play sleep, repeat). And he's still sleeping 12 hours through the night.
- Grabbing and playing with baby toys 

- Trying really hard to sit up when he's laying down (looks like he's doing crunches, with abs to prove it)
- Chewing on our fingers, his own thumb, pacifiers to soothe those gums
- Started taking a pacifier at bed time
- Babbling and singing more than he used to

Also, Levi has become quite a thrill seeker.  He loves getting tossed around, tickled, and startled.  Those are the ways we can get him to laugh these days.

Today, on my list of things to do, is to officially pack away most of the 6 month clothing, and pull out all the new 9 month old stuff!  I'm sad to see these outfits go, but our little boy is growing like a weed!  Not sure how many pounds he is now, but he's about 1 inch shy of being longer than his 27 inch changing pad.

Speaking of growing, we're putting away the beloved Bumbo chair.  It lasted us only a short time, but unfortunately it cuts off circulation to his feet now when he sits in it.  I think it's time to put that high chair together!  Herb claims Levi hates the bumbo anyway.

One of my favorite things is that when Levi meets or sees a new person, as soon as they give him their attention and talk, he smiles back.  He does this every morning when we get him out of his crib, too!

Because there were so many firsts this month, I created a video of them, but I'll warn you, it's pushing ten minutes long.  So don't start watching it unless you're really interested!!  And yes, I meant for the movie to be called "Click Here To Change Title." Not.  Also, I'm not sure why it's so grainy.  I guess I need a little more practice with converting stuff from our Flip video camera to the web.

Happy birthday, little buddy!


  1. Loved the video Michelle! Especially the clip of him waking up in the morning. So adorable.

  2. Loved the video!! :) The waking up was my favorite, too... i love love love to get my little guy from his crib- it doesn't get old!! :) We do the same- Eat, play, sleep and have been since the beginning- I think it really helps them sleep well :) Levi is ADORABLE- just love his smile!

  3. the 9 min & 36 sec flew by. love seeing him smile so much. and you laughing and eating up mommyhood. :) Laughed when I saw what the christmas present was, heehee.


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