Glorious Mess

Levi is all about cups right now.  Technically, he's all about anything that he's not supposed to have - cups, cell phones, remotes, food on our plate.  In the bath, we wash his hair with a cup and let him play with it.  He loves to drink out of it, so I fill it up with new bath water and let him gulp away.  At dinner, I give him sips of water from my cup because he loves it so much. We we go out, I order him a kid's cup of ice water. Truly, I think the cup thing has motivated him to learn how to hold his own bottle better.  Eight months old and feeding himself!

Tonight Levi and I were at Friendly's with his Uncle Josh, Aunt Jocelyn, and cousin Joelle.  Our food came, and I took his cup away so we could eat.  The waitress forgot some dipping sauces for our table.  When she returned with the tarter sauce and honey mustard, we talked to her about the extra loaded waffle fries we received, and she was off with them, delivering them to the correct table.

In the meantime, Levi had spotted a "Levi-Sized" cup and started gulping it down.  Except that cup was a ramekin, instead of water he was chugging honey mustard, and instead of swallowing it all, 75% of it ended up down the front of his shirt, jeans, and on the floor.  By the time we finished having the five second conversation about waffle fries with the waitress the damage was already done.

It was the most hilarious thing this kid has achieved yet.  I was laughed till I cried.  And to make the already hectic evening even better, drinks were spilled, new clothes were spit up on, and there was a major diaper explosion.  If you're keeping track, Levi went through three outfits during dinner. 

I love this kid for the glorious mess that he is!


  1. I love this. Totally miss those days, and it's so wonderful that you are blogging them. ;-) Lucky little Levi.


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