Yesterday an attorney called me (that's luckily a first).  Our attorney!  (I keep forgetting we have one.)

Technically, I guess it was actually our attorney's assistant.

They are getting ready to send in the paperwork to petition the courts on our behalf to officially adopt Levi.  She thought this could take place as early as the end of this month, but I'm guessing the hearing will actually be in May.

When we began the adoption process, I always viewed the legal side of things as simply a formality.  After all, Levi has felt like our son since Day 1.  Actually, since the day we learned of his existence

So it really caught me off guard when I got super emotional after hanging up the phone.  I cried as much as I did the day our social worker told me we had been matched with a birth family.

It's the closing of a chapter that seemed insurmountable.  It's the proof of a faithful God.

Hopefully I'll have more news soon.


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