The last four days have been beautifully relaxing.  We have "staycationed" at a gorgeous townhouse in West York.  In addition to movies upon movies and delicious home cooked meals, we have been training our dear son the meaning of "no."

The hand squeeze and firm voice was only producing a giggle from our little munchkin, so following the recommendation of my IRL-Mommy-Blogger-Friend, Lauren, I have been lightly flicking Levi's fingers when he grabs for the gross trash can or the t.v. cords.

And it's working!

In the meantime, Levi is figuring out his own uses for "no."  At this point they are prompted, but non verbal.  Pretty stinkin' adorable if you ask me.  Check out the video to see what I mean!


  1. Michelle-
    Zain (almost 10 months now) does the exact same thing. We can ask him anything and he shakes his head "no,no,no". It is adorable!
    Linda Rosenblum


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