Black Friday

Oh Black Friday, how I love you.

I can't believe I spent so many years NOT shopping on Black Friday.  Mom, you taught me so many awesome things about finding a bargain - how did you miss this oh-so-important step?

Anyway, I don't know what I love more - the amazing deals, the fact that my husband actually ENJOYS shopping on this day, or all the fun quality time and silly inside jokes that come as a result of it.

Last year, we learned the hard way that when you do the midnight shopping thing, you should really get a baby sitter for overnight and the next day.  Otherwise, just as you get home from shopping at 8 am, your three month old baby will be waking iup and you will not sleep.  So, this year, my dad watched Levi overnight, and my mom took the daytime duty.  It was perfection.  Josh and Jocelyn had her parents watch Joelle for the same period, which left all four of us FREE!

We were pretty excited at 3 am, sitting at Jennie's Diner, when we realized it was the first time the four of us were together without kids in a year.  It was  Not to mention I drank three of the world's best cups of coffee.

And score, we got the much-desired corner booth at Jennie's.

{Picture source here}

Oh right, the deals.  Well, first of all, I should say I didn't need to many things.  But, again, I have other reasons for enjoying Black Friday, anyway!  So here's the run-down...

My bargain equation is this:

store sale + early morning bonus sale + store coupon + shop on the clearance racks = 
really cheap stuff

Top left:  Carter's 2 piece outfit, originally $32.99, scored for $7
Top middle: Gymboree dress shirt, orinally $18, scored for $5
Top right: Gymboree long sleeve t-shirt, originally $15, scored for $2
Bottom left: Kohl's children's apron, originally $20, scored for $8.10
Bottom middle: Joann Fabrics 6x8 floating frame, originally $7, scored for $2 (bought 3)
Bottom right: Bon-Ton china dish, originally $30, scored for $0.15 (yeah, that says 15 cents)

Grand total spent on black Friday: $28.25

Unfortunately, only the apron and frames are gifts.  The middle shirt is for Levi's Christmas outfit, and the rest is just stuff I wanted.  


  1. I'm sad we didn't get a picture on BF!!

  2. I love that little shirt with the tie on it!

    And that looks really, really fun. (I didn't realize that you got to go with your SIL and BIL-- what a great tradition!)


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