Levi Learns to Play

For the first time, yesterday Levi played with another kid.  I don't just mean played beside another kid, but rather, legit chasing-each-other-around-interacting-screaming-together kind of playing.

Maybe it was coincidence, or maybe it was just the perfect age difference, but I'm going with it was just the perfect someone.

Who was it?

It was Vana, Levi's big sister.

Last night, Jen, Savannah (Vana), and Candy came over for dinner.  My son, who tends to normally be a shoulder hugger around people who aren't named "mom" or "dad," got really hyper as soon as this trio walked in the door.  Levi and Vana ran from the kitchen to the living room, climbed up the steps, shared toys, had races in the hallway, crawled all over Herb, and I'm pretty convinced she taught him how to open a door knob.

I love that my precious little 15 month old senses that there is something incredibly special about this little girl, that they share a bond that runs deep.  I love that open adoption gives him the opportunity to know her and play with her.  I love that she brought out the "play" in him!  Seriously, you should have seen them together!!

When Jen saw this picture she said, "Well, that pretty much sums up our {extended} family!"


  1. That is so awesome! Love reading your story, it gives me hope!

  2. This is the best! Did she really teach him to open a doorknob?! Awesome!


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