The Find of the Month: October

 I am going to try something new and have a featured find of the month.  At the end of a month, I will look back on all my amazing deals and thrifting treasures and share the best one.

I'd love to do a link up party or something like that, but for now, let's just share in the comments section, mmmkay?

For the month of October, I have three words for you: drum, crystals, pendant.  Any guesses?

It's a drum shade pendant light with hanging crystals!  And we are in love.

I snatched it up from Salvation Army for a mere $8.  I actually thought it was just a drum shade, which I would have happily paid $8 for, but when I got closer and realized it was the whole package, I actually squealed.

Please don't mind the still-disheveled-because-we-just-moved-living room pictures.

Isn't she fabulous with her soft blue fabric?  And girlie crystals?

Anyone else think I should make a coordinating cord cover?

I am really struggling with how/where to hang it.  If I bring it too far away from the wall, or hang it too high, you are blinded by the bulb when you sit on the couch.  If I hang it too low, it will interfere with Herb's music room corner. Any thoughts?

Okay, your turn.  Tell me about your "find of the month" for October.  It doesn't have to have come from a second hand store, but it must be awesome and you must love it.  Go!


  1. Our new grill! I bought my husband a $500 grill for $82!!! This thing is the mac-daddy of grill's too! So excited!


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