I Love the Number 12: November

November 12 - My friend Melody is turning 30 today! Melody and I met through our husbands who work together. We knew of each other for a few years, and were even facebook friends, but had barely exchanged hellos up until about a year ago when she invited us over for dinner.

"Can we be real life friends?" she asked.

 And as luck would have it, she and her three beautiful daughters live a mere ten minutes from us. Just what I needed when we moved back to Lancaster County a year ago - a mommy friend who lives a short drive away. Better yet, a mommy friend who also enjoys blogging, crafting, all things home related, with a busy husband, and heart that is crazy about Jesus.

Melody is the perfect example of what I'm thankful for on this 12th day of November.

My friends.

 No matter what season of life I'm in - college, single, newly married, infertile, new mom - God brings me just the right people at the right time. 

There have been some pretty amazing people along the way. 
(OBVIOUSLY these are in no particular order.  In fact, I worked hard to randomize them.)

  • The one who walked the long road of adoption and infertility toward motherhood with me. 
  • The one with history a mile long who became part of the family. 
  • The one with whom I shared a tough medical journey, a million neighborhood walks, desperate prayers, and a lifetime bond. 
  • The one who I became close to through a mutual pain, but has blossomed into something much stronger. 
  • The one who took my hand, prayed with me and for me, and mentored me in ways I never knew possible. 
  • The ones who I was close to at one time, fell away from, and now under the umbrella of motherhood have joyfully reconnected. 
  • The one who lives thousands miles away, yet God continues to make our lives run parallel, keeping us connected and close despite the distance. 
  • The one who birthed me, was my first confidant, and always my biggest fan.
  • The ones who also hold the term family, but are ladies I would have chosen to be friends regardless. 
  • The ones who live in my computer - on my facebook feed and blog roll - but remind me I'm not alone.  
  • The ones who I don't see but once a year, but have a blast reconnecting with when that time rolls around.

And as I reread that list, I realize several of the women who are so special to me fit in a couple of those categories.

God is good, all the time.

Times when I felt alone, He provided a friend who had been there or was willing to encourage me while I was there. My only wish is that I lived just ten minutes from each one of them.

So happy birthday, Melody, thank you for being my friend. And as for the rest of you, I hope you know how truly treasured you are, too.


 I am so blessed.


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