Kinda Calm, Definitely Bright

I had to post a picture of Levi's BFF, our Christmas tree.

Actually, what I really wanted to show was the wreathe I made today - it's my third attempt in three years at the oh-so-pinteresting ornament wreathe.  Two years ago, aka before pinterest, Jess saw this wreathe on a blog and clued me into it.  Back then our best idea was to hot glue the ornaments to a wreathe form.  It worked ok, but did not withstand the elements. Last year, I got smart (like everyone else in blogland) and did the ol' wire hanger stringing of the bulbs.

2010 Edition - Yikes

This year - I did both, but with the old bulbs from the last two years.  I strung the bulbs but then also hot glued them to each other.  This sucker is not going anywhere.

And in case your name is Jess or Lauren or you are interested, this is what the rest of my living room is looking like.  Please disregard the mess on the desk.  I "just moved," okay?

The feather tree - Target knock off!  Ironically, my mom said to me in Target the other day, "oooh, look at this feather tree, it's so you!"  What she didn't know is I had already made one...2 years ago.

And of course, the Baby Jesus, also known as "Charlie" around these parts.


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