Hands Down

For the last few years, a weird phenomenon has happened, but it wasn't till today that I realized it.

The weather turns absolutely frigid, the Christmas lights come down, and suddenly, all I can think about was the first time we touched.  The first hand hold during an Eagles play-off game.  The first snuggle in the car as he drove through a snow storm.  The quiet prayers asking for guidance together in his car with the heater turned so high we almost suffocated.  The stolen glances during rehearsals of a new semester.  The late night study sessions by the florescent dorm lights assisted by cream filled donuts.  And a year later, the first time he whispered the words, "I love you," again in the car with the blasting heater, parked outside of my apartment, a year of the highest highs and lowest lows behind us.

There are some sappy songs that quickly take me there under normal circumstances, but when combined with the calendar turning to January, my heart and thoughts turns to Herb, the joy it was to fall in love with him, and the incredible blessing it has been to stay there.

This month marks nine years since my heart became his.  Just for fun, I like to reference our old xanga sites (mine, his) and revisit those new feelings and awkward moments - the subtle hints and the obvious declarations.

I know what we have is a special kind of love.  The kind that comes once in a lifetime.  I'm so glad I nervously took a chance.  I'm so glad he chose me.  I'm so grateful He brought our paths together.


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