Whoa, Bridge

Two things you need to know about Levi before I tell this story.

1.  He is two, therefore he copies everything we say.

2.  He is two, therefore has trouble pronouncing some sounds.  Specifically for this story, the letter "r" sometimes doesn't get pronounced, and the sound that "dge" make, as in "bridge," are pronounced "tch," as in stitch or witch.

Yeah, you know where this is going.

So last week on our way to Mercer, PA to visit Herb's family for Christmas, we had a 5 hour car ride.  At some point in the car ride I got to warm for my coat and I said, "I'm hot," and proceeded to take of my coat and turn down the heat.

This happened to be a part of the drive where we were going over mountains, through tunnels, and across roads that seemed like they were bridges.

Often when playing trains, Levi will say, "Go down the bridge!"  And we chuckle because if you refer to point #2 up top, the word bridge sounds like another word that would be quite inappropriate for a two year old to say.  Say it out loud if you can't figure it out.

So, after the heat got turned down, and we had all be quiet for a few minutes, taking in the view, Levi points out the window and shouts,

"Whoa, bridge!!"

And then, I exaggerate not, he said,

"That bridge is HOT!  And I'm hot, too!!"


  1. Aaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!! As a fellow mother of a two year old, I get this completely! In our case, it's often a request to WALK in the grocery store. Except the W sounds like an F for some reason...

  2. That is too cute!!!! Often times our 20mth old will say things and I will have to take a minute to make sure she's saying what I think she's saying and not a inappropriate word.


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