New House Tour, Part One, Living Room

Alternately titled: Whenever my house is clean, I like to take pictures of it to prove that it was actually clean once.

We've been living in this new house for almost 5 (!!) months, and I have not shared the house pictures I promised.  Not that anyone really cares, but I really enjoy "peeking" in the homes of other people, especially if they are friends I don't get to see on a regular basis.  Or actually, even the ones who I see on a very regular basis, because, let's face it, I love houses.  I love how people decorate and hearing why they do what they do.  I am definitely no professional decorator or designer, but I definitely take a lot of pride in the cheap way that I come by things which my house is blinged up with, or re-purposing items I had used previously in another room.

This new house is just plain wonderful.  Although, I know that living in the apartment slash cave for a year really helped me appreciate this town house even more.  The current townhouse in which we reside does not even  hold a candle to the house we had in York when it comes to size, so I know know I certainly have a lot of space to be grateful for.

That being said, here's a few pictures of our current living room.  Let's start with the view from the front door.

I am absolutely in love with the L shaped stair case.  I like the older style railing with it's boxy-ness and craftsman feel.  Which, even though it's weird, is exactly why I started a little gallery wall on the landing.  And yes, a guitar does live in that little corner of the stairs all the time.

You can see that there is a dresser in front of the faux fireplace.  The dresser didn't fit up the stairs (downside of the L shape), but it serves a purpose because the fireplace isn't really that.  It's a slab of brick with a hole to the chimney for a non existent wood stove   So, the dresser does come in handy for aesthetics and storage!

I am perfectly aware of how disgusting the carpet is in the living room/stairs/hallway/master bedroom.  At least the color is non-offensive.  If we owned this house, I would rip it up pronto, because, yes, there are nice hardwoods underneath.  In the meantime, I bought that 8x10 area rug for $50 from Rugs USA(thanks, Groupon for that deal!).  It's a really low pile and darker and more grayish than I expected, but I am pretty happy with it.  Especially for the size and price.

The piano bench ottoman doesn't really match the rug anymore, it has a much brighter teal on the fabric, so I picked up the furry thing at Ikea for $10.  It might get permanently attached some day, or maybe not, I kind of like the options of throwing it around different places.

The wall behind the couch has been my biggest struggle.  It is a huge blank space with no windows, and since there is plaster and brick behind painted wallpaper (yuck), hanging things has been next to impossible.  I finally invested in some of those 3M command strips and had some fun gathering "art" I already had.

The cable has to run over the door to the kitchen and I really liked when it was Christmas and my garland covered it up.  Now I need to come up with a more permanent solution.  I would also like to replace the cabinet to the left of the couch with a tall shelf for books (maybe like this one?  Can I build it?).
I want this.
In addition to book shelves, I wouldn't mind giving the desk (built by my dad!!) a coat of white or light blue paint and some fresh hardware.  I'm having fun having a mantel (sans fireplace) for the first time and changing the decor seasonally.


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