Another Day, Another Find

Since becoming a one income family, the grown-up clothing budget has been almost non existent.  For this reason, I've made it a tradition to buy Herb and I something new for Easter - a dress shirt for him, a dress for me.  And obviously Levi has something cute to wear too.  I found my dress a few weeks ago at the thrift store around the corner for $7 (a splurge, amiright?).

Last night Herb gave me a free night while he whisked Levi off to a hockey game.  And like every other woman with a slew of first world problems, a little alone time trolling the mall was just what the doctor ordered.

The goal?  A dress shirt for Herb.  The requirements?
- something not lame or Amish, requested Herb
- in the correct size
- a complimentary color to my new dress - black, gray, white, royal blue, aqua
- c.h.e.a.p.

I pulled up to the mall, armed with a gift cards to JC Penney ($15) and H&M ($10), hoping to only spend the gift card amounts.

And it was good I had those gift cards, because as I was putting my keys in my purse, I realized I didn't actually have my wallet.  JUST the gift cards.  Shoot.

Challenge accepted.

A daunting task, but quickly I found a wall of sale shirts ranging from $8-20.  The winner had to be there.  I finally settled on two different shirts, but really didn't love either of them.  I wandered around the men's department a little more and found one more shelf of dress shirts on clearance.  It was mostly repeats from the other wall, but then something navy and royal blue stripped caught my eye in the very back of the bottom shelf.

Color, check.

Next, I scanned the tag and saw the size was almost perfect.  The sleeves were a little longer than normal, but Herb usually rolls them up anyway to be all rock-star-esque when playing guitar.  Size, check.

Next stop, price check.  I fully expected the shirt to be $20, but was hoping it would be one of the $8 finds.

I laughed out loud when I flipped the price tag over.  God has a sense of humor, and He knew I needed a "win" last night.

Yes, you read that right.  It was $2.  This is why I dig.

I can't wait to don our spiffy new outfits on Sunday, coming in so incredibly far under budget it's not even funny.

Herb - shirt $2, new cords $6
Michelle - dress $7
Levi - coat $3, bow tie free, dress pants $3

And really, why did I write all of this about finding a $2 shirt last night?  I guess it was just really touching to me.   It was such a little blessing that reminded me that God really cares about my minutiae.  It was just the recharge I needed, and it was awesome.


  1. Great job, Michelle!! There was a little message in forgetting your wallet. Can't wait to see the Easter family photo.


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