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Experiencing parenthood with my soul mate - awesome.  I know why God designed it this way.  Knowing we are there to support, pray for, and relieve one another makes the rough days seem less overwhelming and the good days seem like perfection.

Date Night!  Love him.

Almost equally wonderful is experiencing parenthood with my friends.  Parenthood has turned acquantainces into instant girlfriends and close friendships into a tight knit support system.  For example, my friend Lauren (It's Becker Style).  Lauren and I were practice room residents in college together, sharing a love of piano driven pop music, coffee, and Jesus.  When the Navy moved her to California and then Hawaii, I was totally prepared to fall out of touch, though I wished it wouldn't be so.  And then as we decided to pursue adoption, she and her husband, Jerry, decided to pursue parenthood as well.

The result?
Roman and Levi, Age 2 1/2, Doing a "Silly Face"

Two boys, three weeks apart.

Nice move, God.
Levi and Liam - Possibly the two most serious children in the world

I can't tell you the bond that raising sons a world apart gave us.  Knowing that Lauren had been doing that parent thing for 10 weeks longer than I, was very well read and researched, and had JUST BEEN through whatever milestone I was attacking was so helpful!!

Now the Becker clan is just a car ride away in Virginia, and I don't think it has set in that I can see her pretty much whenever our schedules allow.  Our boys had such a blast playing together when we visited a few weekends ago.

It's also been so fun watching our childless couple friends get baby fever and make the transition into parenthood.  Is there anything more adorable?  On Saturday, Joan (The Baloney Bug) and Jon welcomed baby Adelaide Jean to the world.  I can't wait to meet her, see their take on a nursery in a one bedroom NYC apartment, and watch them blossom into amazing parents.

From The Baloney Bug
I would be remiss not to mention the friends who are less than a long car ride away.  The ones who meet us for play dates, watch my son in a pinch, make me coffee and lunch, and take walks with us.

Ah!  I am so blessed.


  1. I love this. I love Your family. I love you. I love that we are finally "close."

    Thanks, God.


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