Four Years, Four Rooms

Every fall, Levi gets a new room.  Oops, didn't mean to be so terribly inconsistent.

October 2010 - Levi comes home, gets his first room

September 2011 - We move to Manheim apartment, Levi gets his second room

October 2012 - We move to Manheim townhouse, Levi gets his third room

August 2013 - On the day of his third birthday, I put away his crib, as he requested to sleep in the blue room with the twin sized bed (formerly the guest room), Levi gets his fourth room.

When I look back on each room - I am definitely cringing at some of the cramming of the furniture... That being said, without the rocking chair and crib, this last inception of Levi's sleeping quarters is my favorite.

I really really like the fact that he can get out all his toys and have room to play at the foot of his bed and it in no way interferes with the walking path of bed to door.

The same actually goes for matchbox cars, too.
Now, if I could just figure out what to do with all the stuffed animals (that don't really get played with very often anyway...


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