Bedroom Update - The Design Board

It took me six months to get to this point, but I'm so excited to share an update on my master bedroom project.  After I tried to make our small bedroom work, with no avail, I shared here how Kimberly Musser Design Consulting was going to be giving me some design advice for our super small bedroom.   

So, the most exciting part of this process was getting the initial email from Kim with the design board!  After I sent her room measurements and a million pictures of my bedroom and furniture, she sent me a PDF file with two floor plans, a bunch of fabric samples, and a 3-D view of her proposal.

Kim writes, "Here is my initial visual concept.  I know it looks like a lot of new, but the reality is, it is simply doing a lot of re-purposing of your existing pieces. Clearly, fabrics will change based on availability, but the green/salmon/yellow scheme is where I'd take it to lighten up the space a bit.  Your white duvet will do wonders in brightening things as well.

I would move your armoire to the opposite side of the bed. Why you ask? (maybe you didn't ask why, but in my head, I heard you wondering about my rationale, so I will include my rationale.).....Anyway, having such a large piece directly in front of where you walk in automatically makes things feel tighter.  Visual weight (scale) is important to consider in the placement of pieces.

Your bookcase storage piece? I say, paint that sucker white. Flip her on her side. Put baskets in the "cubbies" and add cushion on top w/ pillows. Equals as bench and storage AND clears up wall space above to do something special and interesting. (Wall space w/ interest is hard to come by in small spaces, but makes ALL the difference when you can work it in.  I'd also put your full length mirror right next to the end of what would become your new bench/storage system.

This frees up the other corner of your room to plop in a triangular piece of wood using L brackets. Put a green painted interesting old dining chair there, and you have a space to sit w/ your laptop, or whatever....and it adds what feels like a separate "space" within your space....which can also help to make it feel bigger.  Shoe cabinet would go on that wall as well (Perhaps adding decorative hardware would give the piece a feeling of more substance.)

I'd add color where you can on the cheap....this means curtains, accent pillows, cushion, chair....(you get where I'm going). If I can find a large enough rug on craigslist, my goal is to cover up the beautiful carpet that exists (even if a little bit of it pokes out)....

I was so excited when I got Kim's plans for our room - I couldn't believe my minuscule room and huge bed actually had OPTIONS!!  

Coming up next - some "after" pictures... and by after, I mean "in process until we have some $$."


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