Bedroom Update - The "After"

To recap - I had a small room, I got an incredible offer from Kimberly Musser Design Consulting, she sent me a design board, and now I have some "after" pictures.  When I say "after," I use that term sooooo incredibly loosely.

For example, I still have a duvet cover that is 80% finished that I think is going to MAKE the room.

Also, I have a myriad of cables that could be more successfully hidden, but if you can look past it, so can I.  But seriously, we only have ONE outlet in the entire room.  

After seeing the design plan from Kimberly Musser Design Consulting, I made myself a mental list of things I could do in our room without spending ANY money!  
** A completely free makeover was only made possible by the fact that I already had a ton of stuff because we lived in a house twice the size of this one, and I have an entire bin of unused curtains in my basement.

Room to do list (thanks, Kim!)
- move the large armoire to the otherside of the room, switching places with the nightstand
- hang curtains - high, wide and to the floor

AFTER - armoire moved, curtains hung

AFTER - armoire moved, curtains hung
- move the large shelf holding Herb's clothes to the the other side of the room, put it on it's side
- hang shoe cabinets under TV
- hang stuff on the walls that I love

BEFORE - two TVs, tall shelf in corner
AFTER - one TV,  moved shoe cabinet, high curtains, wall stuff

AFTER - low and long clothing storage with stuff on walls
I don't LOVE this wall, but it's a big improvement!  And Herb likes that he has a shelf to display things from his grandfathers (pocket watch, Winross trucks).  Also, I literally picked up the new, lower shelf up on the side of the road.   

This is certainly not my "dream room" at this point (see my pinterest board "DREAM HOUSE"), and honestly, in this house, I don't think it ever will be.  But GOSH, I like it so much better.  The tall curtains lighten it up and break up the beige-awfulness.  The armoire in the far corner of the room is working great for clothing storage, too!  In fact, I cleared out one drawer to use as a make-shift nightstand since there wasn't room for one otherwise.

AFTER - night stand drawer

Another minor tweak was to the ceiling fan.  I traded the white globe out for a drum shade.

This little vignette was based on one of my favorite pins.  And of course, it was all stuff I already had!  The wheat/sticks are from my neighbors back yard.  I kind of love them.

AFTER - pretty happy things to see when I wake up
As for the color palette, right now I'm completely drawn to keeping things neutral.  Maybe once my white bedding is finished I'll be reaching for the greens and yellows like Kim recommended, but for now I think my granny-made quilt is stealing the color show, so I'll let her have her moment (although she's been having her moment for 7 years...move over girly!  A new duvet is coming to town.)

All in all - working with a designer was totally inspirational.  Having a fresh set of experienced eyes on my room broke me out of the mess that was my room.  Kim has a sophisticated sense of style, and was very willing to work with my non-existent budget.   I would definitely recommend her work!  It's amazing how someone can "re-do" a room without ever seeing it in person.  What a fun process!  Thanks Kim!

If you're interested in working with Kimberly Musser Design Consulting, pop on over to her facebook page and become a fan!


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