Hope Unstoppable, Sing the Morning Sun

Being home alone is dangerous for me, especially at a sappy time of year such as this....especially when we are awaiting a child!

Tonight I found myself alone with the computer and itunes. First, I was falling in love with the music of Michelle Featherstone, as recommended to me by Lauren. The song "I'm There Too," is one that Lauren suggested I sing to my baby someday. I also love the tune "Sweet Sweet Baby," "Man and Wife," and "Rest of My Life." I appreciate songs that talk about how much you love your husband!!!

Then, I remembered the other day on my iPod some Brave Saint Saturn music that Herb downloaded popped up. I searched for this song in iTunes, and when I looked up the lyrics, I was broken. These lyrics are so my heart right now!!!!! I can't wait to learn it on guitar/piano.

I've been breaking my back... yeah, only to show You,
how very lost one can be, And bitterness fires through me.
The brilliance that was is flickering cold, slowly burning to ash.
I'm choking on pride, I'm closing my eyes,
'till one day I'm scared to go back.

You part the shadows, Light of the World.
Destroy the blindness, Peace Eternal.

Take this broken heart, if it brings You praise,
Take this beaten soul, shivering hands I will raise.
Hope Unstoppable, Sing the morning sun,
Wake up oh sleeper, the Daylight has come.

You are, You are, Invincible.
You are You are, Unbreakable.

***When you click on the song links, it goes to some really crappy you tube videos, but you can at least LISTEN to these great songs!


  1. Heard this recently and love it!


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