Possible Situation #1

Today we got notified of a possible situation in South Carolina. The baby is due January 2! The expectant mom will be looking at profiles on December 28, and Lord Willing, ours will be in that mix.

Trying to focus on the fact that there are probably hundreds of couples who were notified of this situation, and God has already planned this one out. But it's exciting to know that we're in the game.

So now, I am continuing to pray for God to guide our adoption process and to let it unfold in a way that he would be glorified!


  1. January 2nd would be before the counter hits 9 months! Then you'd have the bragging rights to saying you got a baby in less than 9 months. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! Well, if you need to make any trips to South Carolina, you can stay with us! Depending on where in SC, we may be as close as two hours or as much as six hours away . . . but we're here if you need us!


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