Snow Weekend = Nesting

What a wonderful weekend. We got about 16 inches of snow on Saturday, and therefore did not leave the house since Friday night (it's now Sunday night). Some highlights for me included...

Got my car back on Friday night, only one month since the accident. Random "God story..." Friday night I was running around Wal-Mart looking for a electrical socket to charge my cell phone because I needed Herb to help me drop off my rental car by 6pm. Instead of finding a place to charge the cell, I ran into Lynne, from my small group, who offered to run me all over West York to drop of the rental and pick up the Escape. It was so shiny and beautiful, and I am so glad to have it back!

After the car ordeal, Herb and I enjoyed some last minute (and finishing) Christmas shopping (actually just his, not mine, I've been done since December 1!). We then watched a movie with Isaac and Jess, and made plans for breakfast the next morning (which didn't happen due to snow...maybe next week?).

I baked about 8 dozen cookies and two pecan pies. I would have made two pumpkin pies too, but ran out of eggs. Peanut Butter Temptation Cookies, Hershey Kiss Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies (sandwiched with left over frosting from Cora's birthday cake!).

After baking, I did a small amount of cleaning/dishes/etc, then I scrapbooked. I have been enjoying reading some scrapbooking/crafting blogs, and one of them has a weekly challenge. Thanks to a friend from work for gettnig me hooked up with this fun stuff!!

Next up on the to-do list was priming the baby's room! Here is a before and after priming shot. I'm not going to reveal any of my color scheme/theme just'll have to stay tuned! All I'm saying is goodbye blue and goodbye wood paneling!! That was officially that last piece of unpainted paneling in our house. Soo happy to have it be gone!
Saturday night we cuddled and watched Christmas movies. Today, Sunday, church was canceled, so it was pretty much a repeat of yesterday's activies. We painted the trim in baby's room, and spent some time outside with the neighbors shoveling snow. Thanks for you help, Joe!


  1. The room is looking more and more ready for Baby!! The rocker now has company! p.s. Who is Gavin? :)

  2. Gavin is the little boy who lived in the blue room before we bought the house. The "before" pictures are from the first time we looked at the house, lol.

  3. You guys got a lot done! There was a lot of movie watching, shoveling, and scrapbooking going on at my house too. Great layout, by the way. Oh Cricut how I love thee ;)


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