I Married a Man?!

I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but yesterday I realized I am married to a MAN.

I loved Herb more than anything when we got married, but we were still kids. And I think we both knew that. And somewhere over the last three years, my husband has grown up. I mean really grown up. It is such an amazing feeling to know there is NO WHERE else on earth I am more safe, protected, comforted, comfortable, and happy then in his arms. He has truly learned what it means to lead a marriage, and to be to his wife as Christ is to the church.

God, why have you blessed me so?

Last night, as we talked, I told Herb that I realized he had to become this before he could be a father.

He said, "Duh," to me.

Maybe the kid is still there a little bit. :)

Thank you Herb for letting God mold you into who He wanted you to be. Thank you for choosing me to be the recipient of your love. Thank you for telling me to put on my coat and get in the car. You always know just what I need. I love you more than anything.


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