Not Our Baby

We just got an email from the social worker that said the birthmom had picked someone else. I really thought it seemed like things were lining up for this situation pretty well, so I am believing that God has something even more perfect for us in mind.

Thanks for your prayers. Keep 'em coming!


  1. When my brother and sister-in-law were house hunting, they had several opportunities that rose up. Each time they seemed to get better and better, but God kept closing the door. He seemed to just keep reminding thought THAT was good??? wait until you see what I have planned for you!!! I just know in my heart that He is saying the same thing to you and Herb. I can only imagine the vicious cycle of getting your hopes up and feeling let down, (and I don't mean to compare it to house hunting...totally not equivalent) but I know He is doing a major work in your hearts and in your family's destiny. Keep trusting Him with your future and believing He will bring it to completion!

  2. Michelle,
    I really wanted it to be this baby. Saying that, I do believe God has your best interest in mind. We want God's best for you.


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