The Tale of Two Showers (with no pregnant ladies)

In the midst of the ridiculousness of crazy fine arts time (which is the only time of year my job is remotely stressful), I have attended two baby showers, neither of which had a pregnant lady present.

The first shower was for me! My high school girlfriends had planned to get together last Friday. When they arrived at my house, they came bearing gifts and a cake. We went out for dinner and, ironically, at my baby shower, I was the only one drinking beer. It was the perfect pick-me-up encouragement after the news we received earlier that day.

Steph, Ashley, and Megan were so thoughtful. They even went to the trouble of figuring out if we have a gift registry or not. I really really appreciated the gifts and the sentiment. I felt so special.

The second shower came this past Saturday, when we celebrated the coming Becker baby, who unfortunately is baking in Hawaii. We gathered in Chambersburg, but used the miracle of technology and USPS to have a virtual baby shower Oovoo style! It was really something! It was awesome to celebrate with Lauren and Jerry, but really made me miss them even more. Can't wait to meet baby Roman sometime after July 24!


  1. Loved these stories Michelle. And how cool to see your artwork in Roman's room! :)

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