Nursery Update

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Here are the latest nursery pictures. The only things I still need are to bind the quilt edges, put up some art above the crib and closet, and get a baby. At the end of this post I'm going to start talking numbers, I think we'll be suprised (or, maybe not).

View from door. Captain's bed on the right, crib and changing table on the left, and reading/rocking/HVAC nook in the back.

The captain's bed and door to the porch.

Crib and changing table, sporting a new crib skirt, just added this week (shout out to YHL!).

Lancaster vs. York Piggy Banks

Okay, now the fun part. Let's talk about how much money I did not spend on this room.

The following items were free/donated/hand-me-downs. Thank you!!!!

-Crib, Car Seat and Bases, Pack and Play (not pictured) from Sarah and Josh
-Rocking Chair from Sarah and Jarred
-Changing Table (Dresser), Captain's Bed, Mattress, Box Spring, Night Stand from Wendi (wood stuff actually made by my talented dad about 10 years ago)
-Reupholstering work done by Joan on the Rocking Chair
-Quilt sewing and design by my awesome mother
-Dalmation and Lady Bug Stuffed Toys from Lynne
-Piggy Banks, Lava Lamp, Floor Lamp, Other Bedding, Vase were items we already had

-Float Shelves (Ollies) - $15 each
-Fabric for Rocking Chair (JoAnn Fabrics) - $50, but probably only used $40
-Fabric for Quilt (JoAnn Fabrics) - $25
-Fabric for Crib Skirt (JoAnn Fabrics) - $12
-Sheets on bed (Ross) - $7 (fitted sheet is going to be used on changing pad)
-Changing Pad (Yard Sale) - $6
-Round Mirror (Yard Sale) - $1
-Silver Lamp and Red Shade (Yard Sale) - $1
-Crib Sheet and Mattress Pad (Consignment) - $8
-Crib Mattress (Big Lots) - $40
-Red Book Tub (Big Lots) - $5
-Zebra Body Pillow Case (Target) - $10
-Red Laterns (Wal-Mart) - $3 each
-Curtains (Wal-Mart) - $9 each
-Black and White Valspar Paint (Lowe's) - $40ish

Grand Total: $275

I think that's a pretty good price to spend on a nursery. What do you think? Deal or No Deal.


  1. Great deal! We spent $200 on the crib and $75 on the bedding, so your budget got us . . . umm . . . not far. But our only other big purchases were one car seat (received a second as a gift) and three strollers, and probably enough little things (like wall art, baskets and closet organizers) to add up to another whole allotment of your budget. I'm so glad to hear you're able to reuse so many things! I felt a little guilty getting everything new, but we didn't have any friends (and almost no family members) close to us, who were finished with their baby stuff.

  2. Definite DEAL! You're so resourceful! The room really looks great. Your baby will be so blessed to have you as his/her momma!

  3. Deal! It looks great and I love the crib skirt :)

  4. The nursery looks AMAZING! And the cost makes it 100x better ;)

    I still have that extra fabric I need to give you!

  5. LOVE IT! Our nursery is black and white as well. Did you have the same hard time, I did, finding baby items to match? EVERYTHING at the store is brown and pink or brown and blue or brown and green. NO BLACK!

    Annoying...I had to make everything and use grown-up artwork. But I love it!

  6. Can't believe it's been so long since I have been to your house. It looks great!!!

  7. Deal! Great finds for sure- love the lanterns!!

  8. Great deal... love the post!


  9. Hi Michelle! Thanks for commenting over on my blog! I just hopped over here and got lost in your blog- I love it! Definitely a lot of similarities :) I love this post- our nursery is also all hand me downs and yard sale stuff! AWESOME post! I might have to stead your idea and post how much we've saved!


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