And the winner is...

suthrnatheart03!  Send me an email at, and we'll get started designing and creating your piece of wall art!  Thanks to all who played along!

Now, for those of you who didn't win, guess what?! You have a chance to get yourself a piece of wall art, too!

With much encouragement from my husband, I have decided to launch an Adoption Fundraiser. (Look, there's a new fancy tab at the top of this page!)

We completely believe that God will provide the finances for our adoption, and part of His provision will come through carefully saving and creatively using our gifts and abilities to raise the money.  For example, Herb spends a lot of time working with marching band, and I teach piano lessons.

Due to the response from the 100th Post Contest and my crafting in general, I've decided to make my custom canvas wall art available for purchase.

I am offering my services to create any type of custom canvas wall art.  These pieces include, but are not limited to quotes, Bible verses, numbers, monograms, and graphics.

Basic pieces of custom canvas will be 12"x12".  Other sizes will be available and priced on request.  Canvases can be created as a sole piece of art, or a series.

First 12" x 12" canvas - $25 donation
Each addition canvas in a set - $15 donation
Additional sizes and quantities will be priced accordingly (smaller = cheaper, larger = not cheaper).

$5.00 for each piece
OR if you are local to Gettysburg, Lancaster, or York we can arrange a pick-up or drop-off

Some examples:
12" x 12"

8" x 8"

Set of 4 - 6"x 6"

9 - 12" x 12"

To order, please email

Thanks for playing a part in our adoption journey and helping us get one step closer to becoming parents!  

And congrats to suthrnatheart03!


  1. Great idea! I may have to invest in some of your awesome work, once we start building our nursery! :D

  2. This is a great idea. I want to wish you success, its this kinds of things that can lead to your own business, at the very least it is a way to help with adoption expenses.

  3. Your pieces are beautiful! Someone else told me about your blog. My husband and I are also waiting to adopt with Bethany! Many prayers for all of us that our journey will be quick!


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