Father's Day And An Update

We celebrated Father's Day with my dad (pop-pop-to-be), step-mom, sister, brother, and sister-in-law.  Jocelyn and Josh are going to be welcoming Baby J (I call it that because they are both Js, so I am assuming this baby will come out with a J name whether they want that or not!) in December.  So, along with my dad, we celebrated Herb and Josh, who are the daddies-to-be (thanks Mary, for including us on that...it felt special).  My step-mom, Mary, found these oh-so-appropriate onesies for the daddies-to-be (Josh the carpenter, Herb the musician).

In other news, there have not been any situations coming down the pike for a few weeks now.  Just now I was taking a shower and thinking about that, and in turn praying for more patience and God's timing.  And wouldn't you know it, I came in the office to check my email and low and behold - another situation! 

I try not to get too excited for these things anymore, especially because I know some of the other waiting families, and  how much longer they've been waiting.  But, I'm glad for some movement in the Bethany office.  At this point, I think I'd be almost as excited for Brandon and Kristen as I'd be for ourselves! 


  1. You are so amazing Michelle! Your heart for God and desire to grow in Him through all this journey is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for opening up and sharing your heart with so many! I will continue to pray for you all as God reminds me, that He upholds you with peace and joy and patience.

    Looks like a beautiful celebration you all had:)

    May you be blessed more than you could imagine:)


  2. what Bethany office are you working with? We are with the Holland, MI office. Are you having a good experience with them? Praying for everyone in this latest "situation" (i think that term is so silly!)


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